Topal: GPG/GnuPG and Alpine/Pine integration

Copyright (C) 2001--2018 Phillip J. Brooke

Topal is a `glue' program that links GnuPG and Pine/Alpine. It offers facilities to encrypt, decrypt, sign and verify emails.


See the included documentation for all the stuff like licensing, recent changes and instructions.

Release 80

The current release of Topal is 80. Send email to if you would like to be notified of new Topal releases by email.

Files for download

Most recent changes

20/9/2015; release 77
Fix bad HTML formatting in this file.
Bug fix for clearsigning MIME files that don't have a MIME prologue.
Typo fixes from Nicolas Boulenguez to MIME-tool README, man page and mime.c. Thank you!
22/7/2018; release 78
Replace some ancient use of DES3 with AES128CBC.
Move from SHA1 to SHA256.
Packaging improvements (remove unnecessary binaries and change detached signature name).
Improvements to Makefile for downstream distributors.
Some of these changes are based on suggestions from Nicolas Boulenguez (particularly around the Makefile). Thank you again!
22/2/2019; release 79
Correct last changelog to show that we really did move from SHA1 to SHA256, not the other way!
Refactor key handling so that key selection works better. (If this breaks your setup, please let me know which GPG version you're using.) Improved de-duplication.
Change debug handling so that debug data goes to a file rather than messing up terminals.
22/2/2019; release 80
Fix broken build of mime-tool.

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